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The Significance of Design and Technology

There is no doubt that a high-calibre design and technology education is essential to the development of a future society that boasts creativity, innovation, culture and wealth.

Through learning Design Technology, students acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on other subjects such as mathematics, science (physics) and computing. Design and Technology provides students with a rare opportunity within the curriculum to practically apply the concepts learnt from these subjects and bring them to life, such as embedding intelligence into design projects by applying computing and electonic systems.

Design  Technology is the only place in the curriculum where students can engage in practical problem solving and it is one of the few subjects where young people get an opportunity to experience a practical work environment, which is important for those looking to move into a career as a designer or engineer.

This highlights the importance of the design technology teacher, inspiring young people to generate and develop design ideas whilst helping them to understand the practical relevance of other subjects that they are learning in school.

Teaching Design Technology in LondonDesign and Technology Teaching Jobs

Delivering the subject of Design Technology in the curriculum is not just about developing learners’ skills in designing and making. Students are also introduced to the materials and technology knowledge base required for creative design, innovation and engineering. Through the evaluation of past and present design and technology they are able to broaden their understanding further, essential skills in developing future careers in industry

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