As once quoted by the philosopher Etienne Gilson, “History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought”

Thought-provoking humanities teachers are what we here at Key Skills Education are seeking to fill several history teacher jobs across London starting in the new academic year.

If you are a qualfied history teacher looking for a new long term history teaching job then check out our current vacancies now.

Teaching history in LondonHistory Teaching Jobs in London

In the multi-cultural secondary schools of London, teaching history has additional challenges. Students must learn to see the world from the viewpoint of others, and this power to empathise may well help them to better understand themselves and how they integrate with society.

A brilliant history teacher nurtures their students to develop thinking and analytical skills, empowering them to interpret the factual evidence from multiple standpoints. With this abiity installed in learners during their secondary education, it gives them the potential to develop a comprehensive understanding of differing cultures and diverstiy of thought that exist across the world.

If you are an inspiring humanities teacher who can spark enthusiasm and curiosity and you are looking for long term or permanent history teacher job in London then we want to here from you. Please get in contact now and we can begin helping you to progress your history teaching career.

The importance of high-calibre history teaching

A high-calibre history eduation is not just about the facts. If teaching history was just about the facts and lessons involved  listening, remembering and then copying per se, then even a truly magnificent history teacher would find it challenging to engage students.

Through stimulating students to interpret the facts before them, assess the situation in its historical context and form an opinion, the history teacher empowers students to make an educated decision on what issues are relevant to current issues, which issues can be distinguished and which issues have no relevance in present day.

Through studying UK and world history, students grow into adults with an understanding of how the decisions and actions of the past, good and bad, account for the world as we know it today. By imparting upon young people both historical knowledge and the ability to critically analyse the knowledge, the history teacher helps to mould a citizen that can participate in the democracy we live in and question the political, moral and social predicaments that occur not only in the UK but across the world.

Teaching History in London

Looking for a new history teacher job?

We are currently recruiting for several history teaching vacancies in London for long term and permanent opportunties.

If you are an enthusiastic history teacher, whether experienced or an NQT just qualified, then we would like to hear from you.

Please get in contact now or check out our current history teacher jobs

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