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Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties cover a full  range of severity. It describes pupils whose difficulties present a barrier to learning and persist despite an effective school behaviour policy and curriculum which is designed to meet individual needs.

Pupils with severe BESD will often be excluded from mainstream schools and the local authority will refer them to a Pupil Referral Unit or Alternative Provision School. If you would like to work in one of these provisions, please see what PRU teaching vacancies we currently have available in London in our SEN current vacancies section.

BESD Pupils

In most mainstream provisions a teacher will experience BESD pupils of varying gravity. In milder cases pupils might have difficulties interacting with peers and find it difficult to work in a group. They might have low concentration levels, temper outbursts and display physical and verbal aggression to both class mates and staff. Other pupils may display similar signs of low self-esteem and disruptive behaviour, but do not have aggressive outbursts.

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Key Skills Education has close relations with many PRUs/Alternative Provision and specialist schools for BESD pupils (EBD schools) across London. These units can cater for a range of pupils who for some reason cannot attend mainstream school, but on the whole they provide education for BESD pupils who have been excluded from their mainstream provision or are at risk of exclusion.

Teaching in a PRU, Alternative Provision or EBD School

Special provisions for children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties will cater for varying degrees of severe behavior. So called “EBD schools ”typically cater for pupils who are at the more severe end of the BESD spectrum, often having been permanently excluded from school and sometimes excluded from the PRU they had been attending.

Typically pupils attending these schools will provoke peers and teachers. They are consistently confrontational and can be physically aggressive. Often they suffer from low self-esteem and find it difficult to accept praise or to take responsibility for their behaviour.

Successful teaching in PRU

To be successful teaching in a PRU, it is not just about strong classroom management.  Teachers must be empathetic and recognise that it is quite unusual for pupils to misbehave in all their lessons, so working out what works is how to move forward. If you are an SEN teacher or mainstream teacher looking for a Pupil Referral Unit Job in London please check out our current vacancies

Help pupils to achieve

Teachers can take a number of steps to help pupils to achieve, including

–  Planning and delivering engaging and well-focused lessons.

–  Building strong relationships with each of the pupils.

–  Keeping clear learning objectives.

–  Maintaining pupil engagement, where possible making the lesson interactive.

–  Where appropriate planning structured group work.

–  Including opportunities for pupils to learn from each other.

If you would like to read more please check out our SEN Teacher Jobs page.

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Are you an empathetic mainstream or SEN teacher with strong behavioural management abilities who wants to feel the sense of achievement that comes from helping these pupils to reach their potential?

PRU jobs & opportunities

Please see what Pupil Referral Unit Jobs and opportunities we have in Alternative Provisions in London on our current vacancies page or register with us so we can keep you updated with opportunities in your area. Alternatively arrange to attend at our offices and one of our experienced consultants can give you an idea about what you can expect working in a PRU.

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