PMLD – Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

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Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties have severe and complex learning needs and in addition they have other significant difficulties  such as physical disabilities or a sensory impairment.  They require a high level of adult support, both for their learning needs and also for personal care.

Empathetic approach

It takes a particularly special person to teach PMLD children and young people. If you are an empathetic SEN teacher and you are interested in Teaching Jobs in London working with profound learning disabilities,  please check out our current vacancies

What can I expect from PMLD Teaching?

PMLD Students are likely to need sensory stimulation and the curriculum broken down into very small steps. Some pupils are non-verbal communicate by gesture, eye pointing or symbols, others by very simple language. They have more than one disability and find it very hard to communicate thus require a great deal of support all of the time. They may react to people and their environment but they rely on the person working with them to interpret their responses.

Alternative communication

PMLD pupils can require a range of alternative communication to replace speech, such as Makaton, PECs (Picture Exchange Communication System) and Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs). Basic knowledge of these alternative communication methods is useful but special schools always provide on-going training

Interested in PMLD Teaching Jobs?

We are always looking for SEN Teachers to take up roles in special schools that cater for children and young people with profound learning difficulties. Schools that cater for complex learning disabilities such as PMLD and multi-sensory impairment often have excellent funding and boast comprehensive facilities including sensory rooms and hydrotherapy pools. You would also benefit from warm and welcoming staff team and a very rewarding teaching position.

We’ll keep you informed

If you would like us to keep you informed of PMLD teacher jobs coming up in London, please register with us now. Alternatively, see our current vacancies section for SEN teaching positions in your area.

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