Is Teaching a Good Career?

Teaching has its challenges like any profession but the rewards far outweigh the tests you will encounter on the way. If you are a graduate who enjoys spending time with children or you have a real passion for a particular subject then teaching could be the career for you. Here we look at 4 reasons why being a teacher is the best job – and what you can expect to earn is one of those reasons!

  • Job Satisfaction  – Why Teaching is a Great Profession

We all remember a teacher from school and at some point we have reflected about how the guidance they bestowed upon us has helped shape our judgment in adult life. If making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people gives you a sense of fulfilment then the classroom is where you can have maximum impact.

Every week teachers are faced with young minds waiting to be influenced. Yes not all students will be eager to learn but this is the challenge that many teachers thrive on. Through each carefully planned lesson, teachers have the opportunity to engage learners and captivate their attention. Connecting with those hard-to-reach students and making a breakthrough can fill teachers with a sense of pride that is hard to beat in any profession. Installing knowledge or belief and positively enhancing a child or young person’s mind-set is a valuable talent that can make a huge difference and is often remembered for the rest of their lives. If you are looking for a profession where your hard work will make a meaningful and substantial contribution to our future society then look no further than teaching.

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  • Professional Development and Rapid Career Progression

Teaching is a steep learning curb with plenty of professional development along the way. With the opportunity for rapid career progression, the constant learning and developing will never stop.

As a teacher you will be meeting children or young people from diverse backgrounds, which is excellent experience for developing your perspective. Many of the skills that you would require in the private sector will also be required for a career in teaching. There will be training and Continuing Professional Development every step of the way to hone these skills.

Teaching offers some of the quickest career progression in the country with a rapid increase over the last decade of Headteachers under the age of 30! If you really want to make a difference and you have the passion and drive to climb the ladder then the opportunities are there to move up from day one.

There is currently a strong demand for new teachers, which offers excellent job security and continuous openings and scope to progress.

  • School holidays

If you were to ask experienced teachers, “Is Teaching a Good Career” many would forget to mention how valuable the school holidays can be for them.  Term time can be hard work for teachers but the school holidays sure make it worthwhile. Half terms, Christmas Break, Easter Break and of course the 6 week summer break. This not only gives teachers a well-deserved breather, it also offers valuable time to spend with families during the school holidays.

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  • Opportunity for High Salaries

Schools no longer have set points for teacher salaries; the speed with which you can move up the teacher pay scales is heavily linked to performance. This gives newly qualified teachers the opportunity to move up to the top of the main pay scale in as little as 3 years! With additional salary points for taking on responsibilities and access to senior leadership roles for ambitious young teachers, you can soon be earning salaries that match even the highest paid graduate professions.

Conclusion – Is Teaching a Good Career?

Teaching is a career where you can inspire children and young people to reach their potential, which will undoubtedly give you great job satisfaction and have a long-lasting positive impact on many lives. As well as this sense of fulfilment, your hard work will be rewarded with excellent professional and career opportunities, the chance to earn high salaries and don’t forget nice long holidays to relax with you family. If you are considering a career in teaching then we recommend gaining some experience in a school as a graduate teaching assistant so you can assess whether teaching is the right profession for you.

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