Download your Identify Your Perfect Job Role Cheatsheet.

Download, print off and be sure to work through the questions. When looking for your next job, you need to be clear in your mind about exactly what you are looking for from your next career move. If you make the wrong decision, come September you might be thinking that the grass isn’t greener after all. Certainly, you don’t want to be going through the whole process again next year!

You need to be clear on what you have liked about current and previous schools, what you haven’t liked, what your strengths are and what you want from your next school. And of course, there will be other considerations such as your travel time and what hours you are likely to be working each day.

This Cheatsheet will help you make light work of this process. Click here to download.

If you’ve not already, be sure to read this supporting blog post ‘Finding the Right School with the Perfect Role and Getting The Interview‘.

Work through these questions. Starting taking action. Identify what your need from your next move. Get the job. Get on track. Good luck!

Let’s us know how you get on. And if you have any questions please call us on 0208 534 6288

Kind regards.

The Key Skills Education Team.

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